Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dining Room

My next project begins!  This is a pic. of the finished product.  Just a teaser.....I have got to get all my pics together.  Stay tuned!

I started out with a solid oak table and six chairs.  Very sturdy but very dated.  I used Jasco to remove any shiny that was still on the furniture.  I did not think it was that much, but it was quite a bit!  Once you start scraping and sanding you will find alot more residue than you thought.  I see lots of post where people don't sand.  It might not have been necessary, but I want to do it right, so I sanded.  For a couple of weeks I sanded! 

We decided to stain the tabletop and the seats of the chairs a dark walnut.  It really gave it a rich look.  Very happy with the results. 
You can see how far we sanded everything down!  Next step... Primer! 

You can see the chairs all primed up in the background!  I let them primer get really good and dry before I started with the color.  THE color turned out just great!  It is valspar paint.  Eggshell.  I thought the glaze would work better later if the paint wasn't so shiny.  The color is Crystal Blue.  It looked really beachy.  Could have left it like this if my house was a little different.  But I wanted them to look glazed them...

Love them!  The table legs turned out so good!  I let the paint completely dry! Hardest part!  Then I took the valspar glazing and painted it on with a sponge brush.  Make sure you get in all the cracks.  I covered everything, and then took a soft cloth, like and old T shirt and wiped it off.  Leave the cracks heavy for a more antique look.  Wipe it cleaner if that is not what you like.  Remember my "test table"?  I high suggest doing one first.  You can figure out what you want the end result to be.....

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