Sunday, October 16, 2011

Test Table

The first project I decided to tackle was my golden oak dining room suite!  Pretty big project for a newbie!  I decided on a beautiful teal color and I decided to glaze it.  (Mainly because I thought it would cover some of my imperfections!)  I found an old worn out end table in my basement.  It had been painted black by my daughter in her college apartment.  There was no primer used, so it was not a really attractive finish..... This photo is after I had very lightly sanded and started to apply primer.  I primed the entire table with a primer that would pretty much cover up anything! 
This is a pic of the completely primed table.... I picked out a beautiful emerald blue.  It turned out really beachy and pretty, I was tempted to leave it alone.... but I decided to move on.  Remember this is my test table so I was willing to try pretty much anything. 
I forgot to take a pic of the table before I glazed.... So here is the final product.... My old ugly sticky table..
 I will try to get the whole dining room on soon!  (along with all the details and  products used.)

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