Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pretty Picture Frames

Pretty Picture Frames
I have seen these all over Pinterest! Loved them, but had a little trouble finding the frames.  I think they have become so popular, everyone is grabbing them up! 

The before pics kind of tell the story.... Very old, very dirty.

No, you are not seeing double!  I have two!  I cleaned thep up with TSP, and put on a coat of my favorite color paint!

I used a brush an put the glaze on one side at a time.  Pretty thick so I could get in the cracks. 
Take a soft cloth an wipe off the excess. 

When your finished, and its all dry, either use some polycrylic or some sort of spray sealer.
Really easy and looks great! Good Luck finding your frames!


  1. what did you end up doing with your final masterpiece?

  2. I sold them! I have an antique booth in my town. I have done them in several colors. I will post pics soon!

  3. What is your base color of blue, please?