Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dream Bedroom

I forgot to take alot of photos as I was going... So sorry. But the short version is this, Rip a pallet apart. Paint all the boards whatever colors you like. decide how big your sign needs to be and put them together with a couple of strips on the back. I got my letters at Hobby Lobby. I would go when they are half price, because they can get expensive at 7.50 apiece. I love the finished product! I have this one in my own bedroom, but I am going to take orders for more!

Reusing stairway bannisters for fall!

Are these cute or what? All it takes is a little imagination and some stair rail banisters. After I did the scarecrows, I decided to do some witches as well. They were a tad more difficult because of their hats. I made them out of felt and they turned out pretty good too!. Plain banisters, then paint..... For the scarecrows hats, I went down 1.5 inches and painted black. I thought that did not look quite far enough, so the next one I went two. Add a little wooden nose..use your imagination... and a block for the hat bill. I have a tiny brad gun I used to attach the hat bills, but i ended up just using wood glue on the noses because a busted a couple. Make a little bow for the hat and fashion a scarf out of whatever fabric or ribbon you like. I did rub some glaze on the scarecrows to age them a little. I put a couple in a basket of mums on my daughters front door, and the others are at the shop on display in a bushel basket. Have fun!