Saturday, February 18, 2017

Epoxy Yeti-type Cups

I have had so much fun making these epoxy cups! It does take awhile. The whole process takes about 4 days! But the result is so worth it! I got a cameo silhouette for Christmas and have been making monograms and all kinds of stuff with it!... There are tons of really good you tube videos that can give you step by step instructions. I watched Mad Mugging Momma! She is my favorite! The only product listed that I have since started using is Triple thick spray before the epoxy. It really makes a bi difference! Thanks for looking!.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Countdown to Santa

So much Fun! Countdown the days til Santa comes! I did not take a lot of pics as I went but these turned out so cute... Used Chalkboard paint to write in the days. I used a stencil that I created using my silhouette.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dream Bedroom

I forgot to take alot of photos as I was going... So sorry. But the short version is this, Rip a pallet apart. Paint all the boards whatever colors you like. decide how big your sign needs to be and put them together with a couple of strips on the back. I got my letters at Hobby Lobby. I would go when they are half price, because they can get expensive at 7.50 apiece. I love the finished product! I have this one in my own bedroom, but I am going to take orders for more!

Reusing stairway bannisters for fall!

Are these cute or what? All it takes is a little imagination and some stair rail banisters. After I did the scarecrows, I decided to do some witches as well. They were a tad more difficult because of their hats. I made them out of felt and they turned out pretty good too!. Plain banisters, then paint..... For the scarecrows hats, I went down 1.5 inches and painted black. I thought that did not look quite far enough, so the next one I went two. Add a little wooden nose..use your imagination... and a block for the hat bill. I have a tiny brad gun I used to attach the hat bills, but i ended up just using wood glue on the noses because a busted a couple. Make a little bow for the hat and fashion a scarf out of whatever fabric or ribbon you like. I did rub some glaze on the scarecrows to age them a little. I put a couple in a basket of mums on my daughters front door, and the others are at the shop on display in a bushel basket. Have fun!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hello Fall Pallet Pumpkins

Happy Fall Ya'll!. Well I'm a little early I know, but I am trying to beat the Alabama August heat by daydreaming about fall and football and sweaters and pumpkins..... you get the idea! I haven't posted in quite a while! Work has a way of getting in the way!. But... I have quit my full time corporate gig and I am working from home FULL TIME! Can you say YIPPEE!! In my fall quest I decided to rip apart a pallet and make some fall decorations.
Aren't they adorable? I did not get all the pics of every stage. Ikr? I wasn't thinking blog until I was finished, but I will do my best to explain the steps. If you have never worked with pallet wood you are going to love it! You just have to know a few things about pallets... First, most are nailed together with some kind of screw nails. Which means you literally cannot just pull them apart with a hammer. You will need a deck wrecker, you can get one on Amazon. They are not too expensive. Or you can cut the nails with a sabre saw. I like to cut them because you can reuse the rusty nails. I like the way they look on certain projects. If they come out, you can just tap them back in. I always save rusty nails. I have drawers full of them. An old pallet project can look terrible with new nails. You can just lay your pallet wood out and draw your pumpkin. The first couple I did looked like apples. You gotta make the sides not so round. I think it looks more pumpkinlike.
Then you take a jig saw and cut out your pumpkin (or do like me, and get your husband to cut them out for you). I use a small brad gun to put it together. I just found a couple of thin wood strips to lay them on and nail them together.
I forgot to say that I also cut out a stem. just make it part of the center boards. Then comes paint. You can do this however you like. I mixed my red and yellow to make orange. I used a small block of wood to put the paint on the pumpkin. If I want a really layered chippy look, I don't use a brush. Its so easy and you just throw away the block of wood when you are finished. I let the orange dry and painted my stems green and then added a little gold. I found a pic of this technique. You literally just smear it on. Just let each layer dry before you add another.
Here is a rough paint pic.
After it dried I used some stain, maple I think, and went over the entire thing. This ages it and makes the colors really muted and the wood that is bare, will absorb at different amounts. I added the words HELLO FALL with a black paint marker. White might have shown up better? Maybe on the next one. Then I sprayed a clear sealer on the whole thing and added a burlap ribbon. I did put hangers on the back. You can lean or hang.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Roll Tide! Office chair!!

Looks pretty awesome with a sign I also painted!!

Here is a before picture. I forgot to take it before I started taking it apart. I bought this chair for 9.00 at the thrift store. Pretty sad...
The chair was in pretty good shape as far as functioning, but it was really dirty! As you can see I took it all apart using an electric drill and a crowbar! Ha ha! No seriously. The back kind of pops off, but it was super tight! I purchased my "hounds tooth" fabric at Hobby Lobby and used my 40 percent off coupon! I got 1.5 yards, I did have some left. I was just sort of eyeballing it. Depending on your fabric choice, you need to make sure you have enough to keep the pattern going in the same direction. All total it was about $15.00.

I used a nail gun and some screws to cover the seat and back. Some of the plastic was do thick, I had to screw it on. 
I was thinking I might have to paint the black parts, but I just cleaned it up with 409 and then shined it up with some "son of a gun" I really enjoyed this quick and inexpensive project! $25.00 not bad!