Sunday, February 12, 2012

Drop Cloth Curtains

My newest project!  I really like how they turned out!

I started with a really big empty window.  My ceilings are really high so I needed my drapes to be a least 96 inches long.  I don't know how many of you have priced curtains that have that kind of length, but this was looking like a really expensive undertaking!

The window is a big 93 inches wide and I wanted them to hang all the way to the floor.  I really hated the lines in the three separate blinds!  Sooo I did what I always do and started looking on Pinterest for ideas.  I found several different "drop cloth curtains"  Well if it's one thing we have around here, its drop cloths.  I tried to imagine what they would look like.  Certainly they would be big and cheap.  I got mine at Home Depot on the advise that they have the "best".  I read to be careful and make sure you get them all the same color.  I also heard horror stories about the one's at Lowes having seams right down the middle.  I was lucky and mine were all perfect!  They are already hemmed on top and bottom, so no sewing! Yay! 

These are the ones I got!  $10.00 bucks each!  Can't beat that!  I washed them all to get the drop cloth smell.  Surprisingly the take on a much softer feel after thay have been washed.  They did wrinkle though.  Luckily though I have a six foot marble bar that worked great for ironing them. (Also, thankfully a husband that does not mind ironing!)

After all that ironing we were trying to figure out how far apart to put the clip rings I bought.  I got 5 packages.  I was thinking one for each panel, and 1 in case I had no idea? 

I put one clip on each end and the one right in the center.  It kind of worked out about one per 8 inches.  I was one clip short! dang!  So I just sort of stretched one panel a little further. I all worked out ok..
See how nice and smooth they ironed out!  Next my husband installed my really long curtain rod.  We decided to just let the extra length pool at the bottom.  I saw some that were turned over at the top, but I didnt like that look too much. You could do it either way. 

Next I am going to hang these on my back deck!

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