Saturday, November 12, 2011

Craigslist Makeover!

Craigslist Bedroom Makeover! 
I am going to post the finished pieces as I do them.  We found a bedroom suite on Craisgslist for $200.00  It consisted of a Full/Queen size headboard, 2 night stands, chest, dresser and mirror.  It is solid wood and very heavy!  We thought it was a great buy! 

I started on the headboard.  I hate to sand! I really hate to sand!  Soooooo I decided to use a liquid sandpaper trick. 
I will post the picture here later.....

You just rub the liquid on and rub it off.  It leaves the furniture kind of sticky and in ten minutes you are ready to paint!  
I used two coats of primer.  I primed  on two different days, allowing for plenty of drying time.  My husband went to Sherwin Williams for me a picked up some black enamel paint, and two really good paintbrushes.  go ahead and splurge for the good ones.  It will be worth it. 
I painted the bed with two coats of the black paint as well.  It goes on really nice and smooth.  Only water to clean up!  I decided I wanted to use the furniture in my 14 year old son's bedroom.  I decided distressing would probably do best.  I usually distress by hand, but there is going to be so much to do I decided to use my Black and decker mouse sander. I also used some stain I had laying around and a small sander block to smooth it out. 
I start our by distressing the edges.  I usually get carried away with this step and end up distressing alot.  You can't do it wrong so don't worry.  After I have sanded to satisfaction, I use the stain and rub over the exposed wood. 
I used a sponge off of a craft paintbrush to rub it on, and a clean dry cloth to rub it off.  alot of my primer white came through.  I like the way it looks.  If you prefer just the wood, you could probably have your primer tinted.  Might be fun to use a color?? Red maybe? Anyway.  When you think it's enough, clean everything off and use a coat of Polycrylic. 

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