Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Roll Tide! Office chair!!

Looks pretty awesome with a sign I also painted!!

Here is a before picture. I forgot to take it before I started taking it apart. I bought this chair for 9.00 at the thrift store. Pretty sad...
The chair was in pretty good shape as far as functioning, but it was really dirty! As you can see I took it all apart using an electric drill and a crowbar! Ha ha! No seriously. The back kind of pops off, but it was super tight! I purchased my "hounds tooth" fabric at Hobby Lobby and used my 40 percent off coupon! I got 1.5 yards, I did have some left. I was just sort of eyeballing it. Depending on your fabric choice, you need to make sure you have enough to keep the pattern going in the same direction. All total it was about $15.00.

I used a nail gun and some screws to cover the seat and back. Some of the plastic was do thick, I had to screw it on. 
I was thinking I might have to paint the black parts, but I just cleaned it up with 409 and then shined it up with some "son of a gun" I really enjoyed this quick and inexpensive project! $25.00 not bad!

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