Monday, February 18, 2013

China cabinet redo!

I recently bought a china cabinet from one of my cousins. At first I tried to just clean it up and sell it at the antique mall. It was in pretty good shape, and I thought someone else might see the "diamond in the rough". Well I'm convinced some people are just not fixer uppers like me, so I brought it back home for some new life!!!

Well I think it was really worth it!

I used my liquid sandpaper trick and decided I would prime. Then I chose a really nice off white color and glazed. I had thought I wouldn't distress, but changed my mind... I do that, a lot!

My husband put chicken wire where the glass was on the front an we embellished with some decorative wrought iron. (See him working away!) love the finished project!

Have fun scrolling through the pics!

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