Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craigslist Makeover part 2 Nightstands

Love the way the night stands turned out!  Yay!  These are also part of the Craigslist redo.  We started by using the deglosser to avoid a lot of sanding.  We did sand the tops down pretty much all the way using the black and decker mouse.  Eveything else just got a couple of coats of deglosser. 

We cleaned it up with some mineral spirits to get rid of any residue.  Then we painted the top with PolyShades by Minwax.  The color was antique walnut. 
You have to work fast and keep the edges wet.  I think when we do the larger pieces we are not going to use the same product.  It is great for small surfaces, but we are afraid it might dry to fast and be difficult to work with.  I guess we will see.  After one coat, we let it dry overnight.  Lightly sanded and applied a second coat. 
Now its time for primer.  I used two coats on the first one, but when I started distressing, the paint was so thick, I decided to use only one coat of primer on the second nightstand.  They both turned out beautiful.....
Next comes the black paint.... I love Sherwin Williams latex enamel.  Goes on really smooth!  Get a good brush!
Next the fun part! The distressing!  We used the sander.  Do the edges first and then add more if you like.  You cant do it wrong.  I like to use stain and a sponge to go back over the bare wood.  Really easy and looks so good. 

The hardware that was on the furniture was in really good shape, however it was gold.  I liked the look but not the color. I happened to think about some Rub N Buff I had bought for some picture frames.  It comes in a lot of different colors.  I got it at Hobby Lobby.  The color is copper. 

You just take the Rub and Buff and rub it on with your finger.  I just rubbed over the shiny gold areas.  I took the picture backwards..... the finished ones are on the left.  When they dry, your just shine them up with a clean cloth.  This saved us tons of money.  There are about thirty!  If we had to replace them all it would have added up quick!..These look great and the copper color matches the wood perfectly.

Its all coming together! Stay tuned!

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