Thursday, November 10, 2011

Twin Headboard Makeover

We forgot to take the before pics!  Oops!  We started by spray painting the headboard black.  It didn't have a very shiny finish, so we just lightly sanded and cleaned it up, and started painting. 

We went to work with the mouse sander on the edges, "Ballard Design" style.  I was a little nervous at first! I sanded for awhile and then my husband, Robert, took over.  He used the sanding blocks and roughed it up a little more.  It started really taking on some personality!  I went back with some stain that I had laying around and rubbed it over the distressed areas.  I used the sponge on a craft paintbrush and then rubbed it off with a clean cloth.  I have used a q tip too.  Whatever you have around. 

yeah! All we need is Polycrylic!

Love <3


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